Sunday, 1 July 2007

1975: View from Ios Club


Ios club was the place to go at night. And of course also for sunset if you like the classical tunes. Sunset is best viewed from top of the village, I think.


Alain said...

Maby you remember me I hve working in ios CLUB, my first visit in ios at in june 1970 last in 1983 and i d'nt want to see new island, my first visit no bus , no road, some money, sleep on the beach and so and so one.....

Remamber Rolling ELEPHANT.


eviedee said...

Hello Alain, nice to hear from a Ios veteran. I spent -75-76-77-78 in Ios, so I surely met you, but me and names don't go together.
I usually asked the guys in Ios bar to hide/store my bag in the bar, while picking glasses helping the bar, dancing, getting lost in the cactus hill above the place... etc.

Rolling Elephant, yes I remember, and nowadays it is the bar Pharmacy. If I'm not wrong..

Do you have any pictures from these years it would be lovely to see them.


Anonymous said...

What an interesting place to find!
I first went to Ios as a very happy 19 year old in 1978 and found paradise!
I have some pictures from that era too, up until about 1984 before I lived in Spain then came to Australia. What a laid back place Ios was then!

Have some stories too like we all have :o)

Went back in 92 and still lved the place. Will be returning soon for a while to have a laugh and re visit St Theodotie, which hasn't changed much I don't think.

I helped run some 'rooms' in the village and worked in the usual bars and restaurants as well.

Rob Daniel (Danny) said...

I'll go and find the pictures!

Manos said...

My first visit to Ios was at the age of 7 (1968) and I have some photos from Mylopotas at the time. I will scan them and send them to you. Mylopotas was completely empty except the Drakos restaurant at the far side of the beach and the Mykoniatis hut (later known as Far Out).
As a teenager, I first went to Ios in '78. I don't have any pictures from that period. I used to hang out to Johnie's Bar Electric on the square. And of course Ios Club. I did work for Dimitris at Ios Club but not until '84 and '85. But that era, compared to the 70s was ugly.
My last visit was a couple of years ago and although I did have a nice time, very little things resembled the old Ios. I even met Helmut Kand, the Austrian painter that was painting psychedelic eyes all over the place.

Anonymous said...

Yassou Manos!

have a look at my website no more psychodelic eyes but still the spirit of Ios.

Thane said...

I was just 20 in 1973. I remember IOS club. The classical music timed just right for the sunset. Then dancing under the stars til the wee hours with young people from all over the world. We were all hippies belonging to the same tribe. It was such a special time and place. When I returned to Canada and told friends they too found their way to IOS. You may have met them, Steven (short, stocky and blonde) and Shawn (with red hair). The Stephen went back with his girlfriend Linda and friend Gord. I tell my children about it, well not all of it. LOL I hope to take them to IOS in September and leave them there. They are 20 and 23.

dimitris75 said...

hi friends my name dimitris i work with andreas in rolling ellefant in 1975 i now alan les and brian if you now some e-mail from some peopel from this year please send to me

eviedee said...

Fun with comments from you people from that time. I have a black and white photo copy of Les and Alan från a trip to Folegandros with a small boat. I'll try to find it. /eva

Anonymous said...

hi eviedee some answeres is very nice for me if you now enythink for a girl name eillin partin?[papy] she work with me and antreas in rolling elefhand bar in 1975 or some else pls send

Anonymous said...

Ha i lived in a cave on Ios above mylopotas beach in 1977
with a hippie chick,, then we like "split" man to India "like"
hazey days!
..... fast forward 34 years .. we are married with kids nearly
our age.. any chance of swapping a suburban house in Dublin for that cave and a litre of ratsina

Anonymous said...

I am researching a book about my visit to Ios in 1979. any stories or memories would be welcome. I remember the boat i arrived on, the Limnos. The harbour being to small and disembarking via small shuttle boats. the work to improve and update the harbour that sadly fell into the sea! Please send memories to

Anonymous said...


lipsi grece said...


Anonymous said...

In 1975 on Ios there were 2 bars.One was named "Little Elephant"the other was "Rolling Elephant"."Little Elephant"is now called "Barmacy"(2014)."Rolling Elephant"was across the street from "Adonis'"restaurant.

Anonymous said...

hi all, I spent several holydays in Ios in the beginning of 70's. I do not remember exactly the years but I rememeber that I need a special autorization to exit from France because I was too Young (born in 1954...) I think the first trip was in 1974 what I am sure is that there were no road to mylopota, no buses except to come from the port to Chora... I remember the ios clud the Fanari club, Adonis restaurant, drakos bar/hotel at the end of milopota, the Jonis electric bar and so many things

Fras said...

I went to IOS with mates for the full summer (from our teacher training college) in 76,77 and 78.
Halcyon days indeed. We'd leave college then spend the whole summer sleeping on a roof, £1 per night, and had the best time. I'll try to find some pics to post.