Sunday, 24 June 2007

Cap'n Barefoot's guide to Greek Islands

A good way to get reviews of the beaches in the greek island is to check Cap'n Barefoot's naturist guide to greek islands.

People swimming and sun bathing with clothes on, are called "textiles", these creeps, that are destroying the possibilities for people to spend their holiday without wet and sandy swimming suits on, and get a beautiful tan without ugly swimming suit marks.

Usually naturists are very polite people that only undress and relex if they see other people are nude. To dress up and walk around watching people at a nude beach is an attitude crime. If you are offended by nudity, don't head for the nude beach at all.

My opinion is to go nude if it is a nude beach, even though textiles happen to visit the beach. Some people love wild beaches without sunbeds etc. even though they are not naturists, and they maybe they don't intend to disturb. Respect both ways is my medicine.

This is how Ios beaches are described.
I used to prefer naturist beaches, but traveling as a single woman is not a game. Especially not on deserted beaches. From nowhere lonely men show up and park themselves 1 meter away and asks for lighter etc. It's awful. Happens at Ios too, so I have quitted Kolitsani of that reason. If you go there tell these guys to leave you alone, and make sure you are in screaming distance from "normal" people or groups.

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