Monday, 2 April 2007

Article: Fun lovers guide to Ios

Found the article Fun lovers guide to Ios - one of the Rockin' greek islands, published 2001. Still the same. You like it, like the author, or not.


George said...

hi eviedee I can't believe I find your blog ,I just posted yesterday in my blog about my best holiday in Ios in 1977 and bloody hell I discover your blog I show the pictures and nearly cried its been 30 years and I wanted to find some pictures,I don't know if you where on the island during July august but if you read my post at
maybe you will regognise our crazy gang down in Mylopotas beach where every noon we where playing music at Myconiatis taverna self service with the ciment tables
and email me at I want to use some of your 77 pictures in my blog unfortunatelly I have only 2 pictures from that time best regards George

eviedee said...

Great. I was in Ios June to mid September 1977, but my beach was Kolisani. I suppose you spent some time in the village too. Are you on any of my pictures?

george said...

I was at the same time ,the most of the time we camp on mylopotas just over the small hill under a small tree ,we where every night on Chora mostly at Ios Clb and later at Fanari club.No i am not on the pictures bu you can spot me here
I am the guy with the beard at the front ,in fact I upload this picture at wikipedia but is not in Ios is in Paros ...LOL cause I didn't had any pictures from Ios.Glad you have those pictures.There are so many stories that I will write in the blog in the next days.

eviedee said...

In Lois bar on the main square of Ios you they spot people images from even earlier than -75. IT was kind of rare with cameras at that time, and the few ones taking photos wasn't very popular ;).

George said...

"and the few ones taking photos wasn't very popular ;)"
LOL... We know why ;)