Sunday, 25 March 2007

The small square

The small square café often have musicians playing really good greek music.

The owner of the small square café, Yanni, in fact inspired me to create this blog. Not that he suggested it, but he is the only person in Ios that recognize me from the 70's.

- I recognize you, he said.
- Maybe you saw me last year here, I said to him 2004.
- No, no. Long, long, LONG before, he said.

I told him I would sort out and show my pictures. Yanni was a hiding teenager at the time and his father Nikos run the place, that was minimalistic ouzoria, without every sense of cosyness.

The small square 1977. Alfred and Helen, just coming out of the shower.

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neville said...

It is nice getting recognised - after an absence of around 5 years some still knew me as the 'guy from Malta'... your pics are really amazing!