Monday, 26 March 2007

1976-78: Postcards from Milapota beach

Postcards in the album.

1976, two houses

1977, three houses

1978, at least five houses.
The road ended in the beginning of the beach.

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Rob Daniel said...

That beautiful spread out 'house' in the distance, in the middle, I painted that all white one year, April-ish, and repainted all the shutters blue as well of course.
Then they invited us to their Easter feast which was fantastic, whole goats and chickens on spits and ll that and more wine than you'd find in an average winery!

Slept on the beach a lot, there and at Koubara Beach which I recently noticed has reverted back to being called 'Koumbara'.

I remember seeing Ios advertised in a magazine as 'where all the beautiful people go, get drunk and take all their clothes off' in about 1976 and thought, I have to go there and did.

There was also a picture of a sign on Koubara Beach that said: Beach Party tonight - bring wood, wine and people and go crazy.'

Always remembered it!