Saturday, 24 March 2007

1977: Creative girl

Foto taken by Helen from Norrköping.

She (i.e. me, eviedee) was sewing a freaky bag a day for a living. A bit of work in the square, a bit of work in the beach. Kolitsani beach. I came to Ios the first time 1975, came back -76, -77 and -78. Two years I spent the whole season in the island, and the islanders got really tired of me.

- Don't you think it's time to leave now.., please, we're closing the village.. (late october -76).


Anonymous said...

I was born in 1977!!!!!! so far is these time.

hi form spain

eviedee said...

yes, 77 is this year 30 years back in time. Only. ;)

Anonymous said...

REmember ALAIN from France

eviedee said...

Alain, was that the french artist with the big paintings in a midvillage house?